On behalf of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław in Poland and organizers of the European Saxophone Forum we regret to inform, that the Forum has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak in Europe.
The Forum will be held
on 9-11 of October 2020.

Particpiants who cannot take part in the Forum in October as asked to send a written resignation via e-mail: info@musicforum.pl

European Saxophone Forum 2020


Ladies and Getlemen,
We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the European Saxophone Forum – Wrocław 2020. It will be a great honour and joy to host you at the Academy of Music and the Primary and Secondary Music School in Wrocław.
Motivated by the experiences from the previous Forum editions, which have confirmed that the meetings of saxophonists from Poland and numerous European music centres have their deep artistic, educational and promotional meaning, we have decided to continue this undertaking.
The saxophone competition, master classes, workshops, lectures, concerts, recitals and the creative rivalry between young artists give the participants a unique opportunity to come into contact with outstanding saxophonists and teachers. We shall be truly glad if thanks to you, our hopes related to the ESF 2020 are fulfilled and the event becomes an European saxophone feast.



In the 5th edition of the European Saxophone Forum in 2020, the total prize pool amounts to around 15,000 PLN.


We have invited the leading Polish companies which distribute and service musical instruments. They will have their stands at the Forum where the participants can consult the exhibitors, buy or order instruments and accessories.
The exhibitors guarantee favourable purchase conditions for ESF participants.

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