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European Saxophone Forum 2019

The European Saxophone Forum 2019 is a continuation of the last year's edition of the festival which enjoyed a great success.
Just like in 2016, 2017 and 2018, this year's edition will also include a scientific symposium, lectures, multimedia presentations, methodological workshops and the Symphony Orchestra project that will conclude with a joint final concert of all participants.

The organisers have also planned lectures and workshops in jazz improvisation for classical saxophonists and master classes with modern saxophone music composers. There will also be an International Saxophone Competition held in three age groups with the Yamah saxophone as the main prize.

During the Festival the Sosna Music instrument selling and services company, the prize founder, will display saxophones and music accessories.

The European Saxophone Forum is an important educational, artistic and integration event which marks out new paths of scholarly, teaching and cultural cooperation between saxophone pupils, students and teachers.
Please, feel invited!

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Honorary patronage

JM prof. Grzegorz Kurzyński

Prof. Grzegorz Kurzyński Rector of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław


dr Edward Wąsiewicz

Konsul Honorowy
Republiki Austrii we Wrocławiu


The total prize pool amounts to over 2 000 euros (about 10 000 zlotys). The main prize is an alto saxophone sponsored by Piotr Śmietana’s wind instrument store and service centre in Katowice, which is one of the best and most reputable companies that restore and repair wind instruments in Poland. At their website we can read that they can repair every instrument. Apart from providing repair services, they have a wide range of the best known brands in their store. The purchase of an instrument is a special moment, that is why good consultancy and expert support are very important and those two things are what every customer gets at this special place.

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