The "Orchestra Saxophone"

The Project ‘The Saxophone Orchestra’ is addressed to pupils, students and teachers. The number of Project participants is limited. The applicants to the Project will be admitted by a decision of the Organisers on a first come, first served basis.

Participants of the Project will be working on pieces arranged for saxophone orchestra. A 20-minute repertoire (several pieces) is planned for the Project. The Participants admitted to ‘The Saxophone Orchestra’ Project are obliged to prepare the repertoire sent to them via e-mail by the Organisers.

‘The Saxophone Orchestra’ shall be led by Prof. Oto Vrhovnik. It shall be held on 30 and 31 March 2017 (rehearsals), and 1 April 2017 - main rehearsal and final concert


International Saxophone Competition

The International Saxophone Competition, hereinafter called ‘the Competition’ is addressed to saxophonists from Poland and abroad.

The Competition consists of three age groups:
a. Group I for students born after 2002 (inclusive),
b. Group II for students born between 1999 and 2002 (inclusive),
c. Group III for musicians born between 1996 and 1998 (inclusive).
Candidates declare their participation in the Competition by filling in relevant information in the Application Form.

Each participant is obliged to prepare an artistic repertoire:
a. Group I – freely selected repertoire (solo or with accompaniment) up to 8 minutes,
b. Group II – freely selected repertoire (solo or with accompaniment) up to 12 minutes,
c. Group III

stage I: Johann Sebastian Bach, Partita in A minor (BVW 1013), movement I-Allemande and movement II-Corrente. Both movements should be performed once (without repetition) on any type of saxophone. The participant shall choose the edition.

stage II: freely selected repertoire with accompaniment up to 20 minutes.

The Organisers provide accompanists and rooms for the rehearsals on the day of the audition.

The total prize pool is over 3,000 euros. The main prize is a soprano saxophone by Yamaha.

Workshops and lectures saxophone

All participants of the Forum may take part in the Workshops as passive participants. The active participants will be admitted to the Workshops by a decision of the Organisers and the professor conducting the Workshops on a first come, first served basis. Each active participant shall be informed of their admittance to the Workshops by e-mail.

The number of active participants is limited. Individuals applying for active participation in the Workshops are obliged to include the repertoire the would like to work on in the Application Form.

The Workshops will be conducted by selected professor according to a schedule set for a given day. All participants of the Forum may take part in the Lectures and the Panel as listeners. The Lectures and the Panel are open to the public.


The Festival Concerts:
29 March 2017, 06.00 p.m., Inaugural Concert,
30 March 2017, 06.00 p.m., Chamber Concert,
31March 2017, 06.00 p.m., Chamber Concert
1 April 2017, 05.00 p.m., Final Concert by the participants of ‘The Saxophone Orchestra’ project
The Concerts are open to the public free of charge.